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Phillip Edinborough

Phillip is a licensed Aircraft Engineer with over thirty (30) years of experience in the Aviation industry. Phillip’s engineering career originated in the Royal Air Force (RAF), where he worked on both the Harrier and the phantom fighter jets while stationed in Germany and completing several tours of duty throughout Europe. Upon leaving the RAF with a solid disciplined military background, Phillip joined Lufthansa in Hamburg. Over a five (5) years period, Phillip successfully performed heavy maintenance on B747’s, B737’s and Airbus A320’S. In 1994, Phillip embarked on the next phase of his career. This included him becoming entrepreneur and establishing his first contract for Aviation Company in Germany called Select Air. In 1996 while capitalising on his growing business acumen, Phillip entered the Caribbean market where he founded Staffhire Caribbean in Trinidad. Staffhire’s main contract was performing heavy maintenance for Trinidad’s national Airline, BWIA.

Phillip and his hand selected team of highly skilled, trained and experienced Aircraft Engineers, and with approvals on Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed aircraft types, have resulted in global contracts in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Greece, France, Zimbabwe, Curacao, Cuba, Holland, UK, Portugal, Venezuela, Thailand, Antigua, Trinidad, South Africa and most cities in the US.

Phillip remains committed to maintaining exceptional levels of service while keeping abreast of this ever changing industry.


Cell: (540) 514-7581

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